We are in the age of collaboration.

All of us are smarter than any one of us.

It is better to have people on the inside thinking out than on the outside criticizing in.

Getting everyone in a room for a day can save ten days worth of meetings later.

Nothing is hard if you break it into small tasks.

Processes and tools are far from perfect but can be incredibly useful in many circumstances.

Brands are not nouns. They are verbs.

Brands that help people help business.

All the world is indeed a stage. People live through the stories they tell themselves.

Brands, marketing, products and services are helpful ways to “live” those stories. Marketers make props that outfit the stories of people’s lives.

Brands compete with anything else that helps people “live” that story.

The term consumer is outdated. “Users,” of brands, products, services or marketing, fits better.