Scott Lukas

Scott founded Dosage in 2000.

Scott has designed and developed an approach to marketing tasking, positioning and integrated marketing communications planning for global agency network Lowe Worldwide. This approach and the related tools/best practices that underpin it, have been employed and trained in over 40 offices worldwide. Scott developed and added digital, cultural and comms planning tools to that toolkit in 2009. He also co-authored a toolkit that helps clients translate trend information into marketing ideas for The Coca-Cola Company. The toolkit is widely known as the only one of its kind.

He has been a guest lecturer at Columbia University, a guest judge at VCU BrandCenter and a featured speaker at AAAA Account Planning Conference and the “Polygamous Wedding” Channel Planning Conference.

He is a multiple AMA EFFIE award winner and judge, as well as a recurring judge for the Jay Chiat Account Planning Awards. He has been published in the AAAA 2001 publication “The Value of Advertising.”

Before DOSAGE, Scott was one of the original twelve that launched WPP’s Berlin Cameron United. There, Scott worked on Reebok, The Coca-Cola Company, NBC Olympics and numerous projects for GM. Earlier Scott worked at Chiat/Day, Fallon McElligott Berlin and Weiss Whitten Stagliano.