A shift in cultural frame makes all the difference: The Tempest Freerunning Academy’s cool video

This promotional video for the Tempest Freerunning Academy is great marketing on a small budget.

It takes Parkour/Freerunning and reframes it into another, more widely appealing cultural frame.

We’ve always been blown away by Parkour videos and was glad to see it incorporated into the opening of a Bond movie.

This frame makes the activity feel risky, slightly naughty and for experts only.

This video changes the frame and makes the activity more accessible.  The Tempest Freerunning Academy feels like a fun place where I can learn this stuff and be around interesting people. This frames the activity as one for anyone who could never stop climbing trees or never wanted to leave the playground. I especially like the foam pit shot at the end.

The reason why this works is that it shift the cultural frame.

We do a lot of work with a tool called “The Cultural Patterns Tool.” That tool spells out a number of cultural activities that people are drawn to and helps marketers leverage those patterns.

This video reframes the activity (and the Tempest Freerunning Academy) as a regressive cultural idea. Regressive ideas are cultural activities and artifacts that bring people back to an earlier desirable state. Regressive ideas take us back to childhood experiences. You can spot regressive ideas because they are “otherworldly.” The scale of things are different. The colors are more primary. Spaces are simpler. Think the Hershey store in Times Square. Think Crunch fitness. Think Mini.

Good marketing on a small budget. Doesn’t hurt that the end benefit is that you look like you are having a blast!

"A shift in cultural frame makes all the difference: The Tempest Freerunning Academy’s cool video" by Scott
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011