A “spectacular” cultural idea: Hyundai wall projection in KL

Lots of times creative people want to do spectacular things but spectaculars (by definition) are designed to attract attention.

This wall projection/real car mounted on side of building idea has strategic rationale:  it positions Hyundai Accent as the brand in the segment that “has a sense of something happening” a.k.a. the brand that attracts attention because it is contemporary and newsworthy versus the established Civic.

We work with a tool called “The Cultural Patterns Tool” which outlines a number of cultural experiences that people want to be a part of.  One of the patterns are spectaculars.  Think Vegas or the Taj or Disney World.  Big in scale and awe-inspiring to witness, these experiences wow.

Wowing, in this case, has strategic value beyond just getting noticed and earning awareness.  Spectaculars are what brand leaders do.  Brand leaders are more active and do things bigger and  more often (because they have resources).

In Malaysia Hyundai isn’t the brand leader but is acting like one.

The long-term brand response about Hyundai is (at minimum) “Really?  I didn’t know the Accent was up there with the very best of that kind of car.”

Good work.


"A “spectacular” cultural idea: Hyundai wall projection in KL" by Scott
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Friday, April 8th, 2011