Bugles Claws: When a story to live by reveals itself

This photo was titled: “There’s only one way to eat them.” I couldn’t agree more.

No doubt the smart marketers at General Mills have been selling these cone shaped snakes well for over six decades. They are a tasty corn snack.

But as this picture suggests they could mean so much more to people because they could be a prop in a more interesting, evocative story: Having claws!

The marketing writes itself. Dinosaur claws for kids. Cute animal-shaped claws. A favorite zoo animals line. Co-branding deals with sports teams (Tigers, Hawks, Bears, etc. etc. etc.). This idea can go on and on.

I’m never for asking people for ideas but people do have ideas. You just have to listen.

"Bugles Claws: When a story to live by reveals itself" by Scott
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Monday, February 21st, 2011