From the archive: Jane Newman’s collection of early account planning documents, speeches and memos.

I started at Chiat/Day and was a real planning nerd. I hounded everyone to give me everything they could to make me a proper planner.

At the time, Jane Newman was President of Chiat/Day New York and she was super cool to me (she still is). She let me copy her collection of documents, speeches and memos. I just found them.

In these documents you’ll witness the earliest explanations of the new discipline and most interestingly the internal arguments and discussion that took place among Chiat legends, among them Kuperman, Goldberg, Newman, White and many more. Included in the lot are 4A’s speeches, Adweek articles (including the famous “Knights of New Business” article) and other press clippings.

This is fundamentally about the story of a new kind of way to create advertising.  Account planning was the brand making it happen.

UPDATE: MAY 2014 – Files are now available here on Slideshare.


Rob White \”Account Planning: Friend or Foe?\”
FAQ on Account Planning. Early 90s (?)
1987 Internal Document. Chiat/Day. Account Planning discussion.
1987 Chiat/Day memo. \”Account Planning Revisited\”
Adweek article: \”The Knights of New Business\”
Memo by Jane Newman explaining the value of account planning in new business. 80s.
Early Chiat/Day document describing role of account planning. 80s.
Speech about Stanley Pollitt. By Paul Feldwick
Early account planning trade articles. 80s.
Early account planning trade articles. 80s. Pt. 2.
Fourth Annual Planning Conference 1993 Agenda
APG Conference USA 1993 Pt 2

UPDATE:  I got a much needed update on these docs from Merry Baskin (now of Baskin Shark). Merry put this collection together at the request of Jane when Merry and Nigel Carr were Co-Heads of Planning at Chiat/Day New York. The Stanley Pollitt speech was given by Paul Feldwick, not Jane. Paul is a legendary planner (uber-planner) at BMP and co-trainee with Jane. According to Merry, the speech was held at a dinner to celebrate 21 years planning at BMP at the Natural History Museum (December 1989), coinciding with 10th anniversary of Stanley’s death.

Apparently I’m missing a critical paper written at the time titled “The Americanization of Account Planning” which was done by Ogilvy. If anyone has this, please forward along and I’ll post! Thanks again to the wonderful Merry.

Update:  14 May 2014 —  Here’s a link to the video of the Planning panel held during the week of Jane’s HOF induction.  It features Jane and several pioneers of Planning in the States.  And in exchange for this great content please consider donating to Jane’s philanthropy Thorn Tree here.


"From the archive: Jane Newman’s collection of early account planning documents, speeches and memos." by Scott
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  • Megan Kent

    JEEZ Scott – I can’t believe my eyes – so awesome!!!! I worked at Chiat/Day when Fred, Jane and MT were sending around all these docs – can’t believe you posted them – I have some too – will go into my files and see what else is there – this stuff is priceless!!!!!! What a gift you have given young planners. Thanks for the fab blast from the past.nnxMegann

    • Scott

      Great, huh? Such a joy to find and look at again. Tell everyone at JWT about them… More posting later today so check back…

    • neilantyree

      I’m with you Megan. WOW. Kudos, Scott. And as I mentioned in my note yesterday, I have a whole SARCOPHAGUS of Jane Planning Treasures in a box I’d already slated to review later this month. Will see what additive treats I have to ADD to your copious initial bounty.

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