Hoover organizes soap fans to save soaps. Good community/FB tactic.

I like this idea from Hoover.

It is simple.  In April, many of the networks announced they are canceling some of the biggest names in soaps (All My Children for example). Hoover has organized a facebook group to protest this decision and save the soaps.

I’m no soap fan.  I’m no fan of vacuuming either.  But even I know these things go together like baseball and America.

No one would join a Hoover fan page (except probably people who work at Hoover).  They didn’t try to do some lame FB page.

What they did do is organize people around an EXISTING passion, one of which is related to their brand and, apparently, one that the CMO shares too. Hoover can be an active member of this community and make the whole community better.

It seems real and authentic and aligned to Hoover.  Nice. No doubt these fans will be more of a fan of Hoover too.

Check it out here.

"Hoover organizes soap fans to save soaps. Good community/FB tactic." by Scott
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Friday, June 3rd, 2011