Portlandia: How satire can kill a story to live by.

One of our favorite new shows is IFC’s “Portlandia.”  It is an amazing satire of the stories that make up the Portland, OR lifestyle.

What’s interesting about this show is that it might slowly kill off some of the stories that coastal liberals live by (e.g. being ultra-attentitive to our food supply chain, radical political correctness, the gap between liberal attitudes and behaviors, etc.).  It makes a lot of those stories seem ridiculous, fringe and downright silly.

A lot of programs on TV programs introduce and glorify stories to live by.  Here’s one that I think will help bring some back down to earth.  Check out the show.  Definitely worth a look.

"Portlandia: How satire can kill a story to live by." by dcadmin
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Friday, February 4th, 2011