Why a 36″ waist at Old Navy is really 41″?

Seth Godin wrote a booklet (a small book) called “All Marketers Are Liars” (recently renamed “All Marketers Are Storytellers”). Great title from a good marketer. The point of the book is that marketing gets people to tell themselves stories that sell stuff. I’m with him on that.

Sometimes the stories that people tell themselves hurt, which leaves an open door for a marketer to use marketing to help relive that identity tension.

The figure above is a good example of how some fashion brands help people forget that they are obese (and all the uncomfortableness and self-loathing too often that can go with it).

I’m not a fan of this fake measures. I think it feeds the narrative that people who sell stuff are hucksters.

But I also clearly see why it is works.

"Why a 36″ waist at Old Navy is really 41″?" by Scott
Posted in Brands Enabling Stories on Thursday, February 10th, 2011