GPERS Defined

We believe that people live through stories. GPERS is a helpful way of being conscious of the core elements of a story, from the protagonist’s (aka consumer’s) point of view.

As marketers, our role is to outfit those stories with brands and marketing.  How can our brand or marketing help people better reach their goals?  Have the experiences they want?  Assume desirable roles?  Take advantage of a particular scene?

Marketers are the prop and costume designers in the stories of people’s lives.  GPERS helps marketers do that.


GPERS (pronounced Gee-PERS) is an acronym for Goals, Props, Experiences, Roles and Scene.

Goals are motivations, desires, needs and ambitions. They are a person’s purposes and driving forces.

“Props” is a more abstract idea. Props are the tools that people use to reach his or her goals, assume and show off his or her roles, and have the experiences that he or she wants. In a play about a person’s life, these would be the things the prop designer would give the actor to “use” (or to show the audience who the character is and what he or she wants).

Experiences are the happenings of our lives. They are the states that people enter to feel emotions, sensory experiences or the next step to go where we want to go.  Experiences are what engage people.

Roles are the identities that people assume or would like to assume (or even avoid). This can be a reflective (self-image), social (identity the protagonist wants to show or be around others) or a person’s sense of identity relative to current cultural themes and events.

Scene is used to describe both physical places as well as the circumstantial surroundings of a happening.