Client Praise

“Scott has worked with us on a number of projects, and we keep coming back for more! Initially he trained us on his specific ideation techniques, which we are still using because they get such great results. Beyond his ability to codify his creative impetus– a skill in and of itself—we’ve engaged Scott on a brand assessment and development projects (b to b ) as well as new business pitches. We value his brain — he often asks questions that no one else has asked, which is critical not only to identifying the real challenge but also to finding a fresh and effective way to address that challenge. And finding those unexpected yet effective ways in is Scott’s specialty. He marries a love of brands with a disciplined understanding of how they work and marries that with a strong business perspective. Importantly, he never stops asking questions, which means he continues to learn. Finally, he stands up for what he believes is the best way to go on behalf of the brand and the business. All of this makes him a truly wonderful partner for us.”                               Sheri Roder, Head of The Why Group, Horizon Media

“Scott is armed with good humor and wit, true subject matter expertise, and great examples to make the theoretical concrete.  Our sessions with Scott consistently get high marks.  Participants not only feel very energized and better equipped, they delight in the fact the session, while intensive, was fun.”
Marcie Anthone  Director of Capabilities Development, The Coca-Cola Company

“A session that Scott leads is not just more interesting planning theory, but brilliantly organized commonsense that is able to be put to work immediately at all levels of client engagement.”
Tony Wright, Chairman, Lowe and Partners

“Engaging Dosage to help inject innovation and strategic creativity into our business was extremely rewarding. Not only did our key employees feel that they were more empowered by the new skills, it immediately lead to tangible new business success in multiple markets across Asia.”
Mathew Godfrey, CEO Asia, Y&R

“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott for the past fifteen years.  He brings huge energy and smarts to each and every project. His tools really help people not just understand and embrace the opportunity but act on it. Which for me is fundamental to a successful outcome.”
Rosemarie Ryan, Co-CEO, CO:

“Dosage uses a unique and highly effective approach to ideation to uncover hidden gems of insight. Dosage was amazingly adept at getting teams to think about the brand in new and different ways and to ask themselves important questions. Dosage helped unlock the creative thinking power of the team and helped them to collaboratively build upon ideas and then roll the ideas up to critical themes. I would definitely use Dosage again for brand strategy development work. Their process enabled us to succeed in developing an effective brand strategy, and simultaneously gain internal buy-in for the strategy.”
Deb Hitchcock, Director, Brand Management Aetna

“I worked together with Scott in close partnership whilst CSO at Lowe Worldwide. Scott was fundamentally involved in redefining how we went to market, helping us build what many believed to be a market best strategic tool kit. What makes Scott standout from others I have collaborated with is not only his thought leadership and extensive IP but perhaps more importantly his ability to embed strategic thinking practically in cultures as diverse as North America and Vietnam. I would highly recommend Scott.”
Chris Chard,  Chief Strategy Officer Lowe and Partners Worldwide

“Scott is an excellent strategic planner and can work with the toughest of clients and on the most complicated brand situations. We hired him while I was at Publicis Worldwide to act as strategy lead on a very thorny account, Citibank. Not only did he gain the respect of fellow planners, but he made a lot of traction with the creative directors as well. I highly recommend Scott!”
Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development, Google

“Scott is a talented strategic thinker who has a particular ability for creative ways of working and providing practical training and tools for teams. He’s also a mensch and a general pleasure to work with.”
Richard Fine, Founder, Help Remedies

“I worked with Scott on a real torture test of a project – about fifty skeptical people in an uninspiring room who had been told by their boss that they had to attend this full day workshop. With his energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor and deep as well as broad knowledge of brands, marketing and advertising campaign he managed to turn them into a co-operative, excited group who walked away with a useful set of new skills. We still refer to some of the learnings and discoveries of that day – they’ve given us a richer vocabulary and useful repository of tools that makes everyone’s jobs more fun and more productive. I’ve known Scott far longer than this project, and have always been impressed by his entirely unjaded, unjargony, and un-bullshitty approach to marketing, but it was nice to see it brought to life even in such compromised circumstances.”
Sigrid Jakob, Planning Director JWT

“Scott helped us see the wood for the tree’s. He is very good at thinking through all the angles and then recommending a path that is easy to understand and follow. He is a pleasure to work with. He has high energy and commitment with a real passion for what he does.”                                                                                                                                 Emma Gilding, VP Brand Research,  Gannett

“Its an overused cliché to say “out of the box thinker”, but in Scott’s case its applicable. Very innovative; looks beyond the obvious for interesting insights; constantly mining the web-sphere and “marketing-sphere” for value-added observations and applications.”
Paul Riley, Vice President Product Marketing, GTECH Corporation

“Scott did a terrific presentation to my master’s in Communications Practice class at Columbia last week. The case he presented was chock full of insights, presented in a riveting way. We were all most impressed, and I know he inspired more than one of my students to consider a career in brand strategy. He’s clearly highly creative and an insightful strategist.”                     Louise Whittet, Columbia University

“Scott truly understands the impact of creativity in all aspects of marketing in raising the caliber of branded ideas. His ability to assist multi-disciplinary teams to leverage their different expertise to reach a shared goal is invaluable as client and agency organizations become ever more complex. His intelligence, charisma and enthusiasm is infectious, helping to excite his clients around an idea – overcoming biases or politics. He combines the use of highly practical, proprietary tools to unlock meaning and opportunity, with an approach that views each project as unique – meaning fast but tailored results.”
Sara Bamber, Director of Strategic Planning, Anomaly

“Scott’s and my paths have crossed many times since we were Planners at Chiat/Day. Clients have shown me work he’s done, I’ve watched him speak t conferences, and we’ve swapped many stories. I’ve watched him become a much-admired practitioner in our field, but he’s never lost that pure thrill at finding the right solution that emanated from him when he was just starting out. If you’re looking for someone with all the right chops, who still approaches problems with the enthusiasm of an eternal student, look no further.”
Robin Hafitz, Founder, Open Mind Strategy

“I’ve known Scott for years around the planning community – as friends and peers. Finally we found the right project to work together on and it was both fun and professional. I asked him to mentor a Junior Planner on a fast time-line research and positioning project for P&G. I wasn’t surprised that he turned around the project with total professionalism and great positioning ideas, because, after all, I know he’s a great planner. But what made it fantastic were his managerial skills and ability to put a solid process in place that kept us all on track AND got to stronger, more considered and thoughtful strategy directions. He has a real approach here and it brought a lot of value.”
Leslie Stone, Former Director of Planning, Wieden + Kennedy New York

“Scott is an exceptionally talented strategist, facilitator, leader, thinker, researcher, storyteller and creative problem solver.  But possibly his most impressive trait is his genuine enthusiasm and personal commitment to deliver upon project objectives.  It’s clear that he loves what he does.  His approach and output masterfully fuse creativity + substantive content.”
Michael Angelovich, Group Strategic Planning Director, mcgarrybowen

“The thing you notice most about Scott is his passion for his work. He works tirelessly to achieve the desired results and facilitate solutions among all the different factions that make up each project. Scott is the type of person who welcomes complete honesty and will do everything in his power to help client’s meet their objectives.”
Judy Lawrence, Founder, Stellar Research

“I write this recommendation for Scott Lukas with great ease.  I first worked with Scott at Ogilvy/NY on a Knicks pitch.  As background, Scott had helped successfully launch the WNBA. Scott’s insight into the professional world of sports/basketball helped us create a compelling creative brief that led to some great work being presented.  Later, while at Cliff Freeman & Partners(CFP), I hired Scott to work with our Planning team on the Quiznos pitch.  Scott added key strategic insight and helped us frame a very simple, cohesive argument that would be used in creative campaigns to ultimately attract new consumers to the Quiznos brand. The integrated campaigns Scott helped create, as a result of his work with the CFP strategic and creative teams, led to the agency winning the pitch–against incredibly steep odds. Subsequently, we brought Scott back in to the agency to work with the Planning and Account Management teams–with the goal of helping identify consumer opportunities for various clients, as well as with the hope of training our people to understand the strategic process and write better briefs (our in-house Planning Director collaborated with Scott).  In each instance of my working with Scott, I’ve been thrilled with the outcome. From the beginning of the relationship (engagement) to the accomplishment of the task at hand, Scott is someone who can truly be counted on to deliver thinking and ideas well beyond what’s expected (and beyond what he’s hired to do). On top of all this, client’s love the guy.  In short, I hired Scott multiple time. I will hire him again soon.  I would not hesitate to give him my highest recommendation.”
Jeff McClelland, Former CEO of Cliff Freeman & Partners

“I have attended many strategy sessions and workshops that Scott has commanded and think his strongest asset is an ability to connect with just about anyone and to deliver information. Without exception, he is engaging, personal, and presents in tasty, consumable bites. This is no small feat considering the audience at my company includes people from all over the world (making mental translations of multiple languages) across a broad spectrum of disciplines (from creative, to business, to strategy). Please contact me if you require more particular information about Scott. I recommend him as a strategic service provider and partner, across a wide variety of business issues and settings.”
Teresa Alpert, Director of Strategy and Planning at Lowe

“I’ve known Scott personally and professionally for 20+ years. Scott possesses a great gift for critical thinking and creative problem-solving. I’ve repeatedly depended on Scott for everything from a quick “whaddaya think of this” phone call to a complete positioning and client segmentation effort on my most recent agency launch. If you’re looking for a bright, insightful thinker who can help you and your team get to the best answers (and who is a really good guy), Scott is your man.”
Michael Scott, Managing Director, US Advertising Practice, Ebiquity

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott on more than one occasion. All experiences have been successful and proved out the decision to bring him in. Scott was invaluable in the new business process. In addition to his expertise, he brought a tremendous amount of intelligence to bear on the issues at hand. He is a great collaborator and I highly recommend him. I only hesitate to do so for fear that he will not be available when I need him to help on a project.”
Arthur Bijur, Former Creative Director of Cliff Freeman & Partners

“I have had the pleasure of working Scott on a number of occasions as part of the Lowe Planning toolkit training sessions. His knowledge and understanding of contemporary business and strategic thinking is outstanding. He has great energy and an ability to translate complex concepts into simple and tangible tools for business. I have alway enjoyed listening to him present and walked away from Dosage sessions with genuinely useful knowledge and insight into how better deliver strategic solutions.”
Zoe Lazarus, Director Lowe Counsel at Lowe and Partners Worldwide