“Agency of the Future” vision docs from Chiat/Day, circa early 90s

We spend a lot of time helping agencies answer the question: How should we work?

What’s great about that is that we get to hear lots of different visions for the Agency of the Future. Clearly this is on the collective minds of lots of agency leaders these days.

All this talk reminded me of the beginning of my career at Chiat/Day. Right before moving into the “virtual agency,” C/D management got a diverse group of thinkers together and asked them to present a vision for the agency of the future. (As an aside, I’ve forgotten how much press the virtual agency received. Check this and this and this out.)  Here’s what they presented.

Close to that Marty Cooke, a lovely man who was CD of the NY office back in the 90s, wrote a personal vision doc. Here’s what Marty wrote back then.

Of course, I was not to be trumped by global C/D management nor a famous CD. So I tried to get together a bunch of talented youngsters to moonlight. Here’s my vision doc for them!

These are all fun to review now. Not bad as a set. Interesting to see how things don’t change that much.

"“Agency of the Future” vision docs from Chiat/Day, circa early 90s" by Scott
Posted in Questions Collaborators Answer on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
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