How to get better insights? Louis CK on George Carlin and how to go deeper.

We found a wonderful tribute to George Carlin by Louis CK.  It is not only entertaining but (Louie?  Mr. CK?) does a great job describing one way to deeply connect to people: Throw away everything you know/do/think each year and start again.

In the video, Louis CK explains how each year George Carlin threw away all his material each year, despite having an annual comedy special booked.  This exercise forced George to “go deeper” inside himself to get material.  In Louis’ view, the material got better and better because it got deeper and deeper.  He said he was inspired to do the same and this method has brought him nothing but greater success and professional satisfaction.

It seems obvious to us that marketers must do the same.

Too many marketers engage people about subjects that sit on the surface of things.  The topics simply don’t matter as much as the topics that are deeper, more meaningful and more intimate.

Imagine if you banned using last year’s insights this year.  This would result in your team having to dig deeper and engage via different needs/anxieties/motives.

Our view is that your marketing would become more relevant, more honest and be more differentiated.  It would have more drama and the stakes would be higher, thereby making the solution built into your brand even more important to people.

Here’s the video from Louis.  Be sure to check it out and next time you are thinking about customers, throw out this year’s stuff and start again to dig deeper.

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"How to get better insights? Louis CK on George Carlin and how to go deeper." by Scott
Posted in Questions Collaborators Answer on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011