Should marketers follow what’s working for someone else?

At least we know what the maker of “Deadliest Catch” believes.

Do you think more or less of it because you’ve seen this side-by-side?

What expectations do you have about how original the game will be?

All industries have conventions. Some conventions are there for a reason. Fishmongers sell “fresh fish” because who would want any other kind (except those looking for bait I suppose)? But most conventions get in the way of progress. Assumptions about “the way things are” get in the way of creating the way things could be. Learning how to “un-see” a category or brand or customer base is the first step to progress. Unfortunately this is probably the hardest skill in marketing.

There are lots of ways to systematically challenge conventions and generate “new rules.” We’ve had a lot of success with a tool called Black Sheep. TBWA/Chiat/Day still champions Disruption. I recently heard that Taxi uses a process Doubt, which I imagine is a similar thing.

"Should marketers follow what’s working for someone else?" by Scott
Posted in Questions Collaborators Answer on Thursday, February 10th, 2011