A book that reveals the dark side of being a parent. “Go the f@*k to sleep”

I’m a new parent.  My wife and I had twins that arrived on May 2.

Days into parenthood we learned that parenthood isn’t always giggles.  Sometimes it is a real crappy job.  We felt is sucked so much sometimes that it was worth saying so.

But it was hard to say anything to anyone but each other.  We could feel that everyone wanted us to say how singularly great it was.  We began to think we were selfish people because there were moments we didn’t like it at all.

Days after the birth day, my good friend and sometimes client Fred Bertino, who runs the great Boston agency MMB, sent me a PDF of a book called “Go the f@*k to sleep.”

My wife and I read the book and literally laughed so hard it hurt.  The book revealed the side of parenting that my wife and I, just days in, were already feeling.  Clearly we weren’t the only one feeling this way.  It validated our experiences and feelings.  

Subsequently we learned that we were far from alone.

Once published, the book rocketed to the top of Amazon’s best seller list.  Fast Company wrote about its rise.  CNN wrote about its Brooklyn-based publisher.

Clearly there is a real story that people are living here.  There is a dark side to being a parent.  It is very real for people.

After reading the book, I wondered if there was greater opportunity here.  Clearly lots of people were living a story in which they felt what the author was feeling.  Could this attitude be exported into other categories?  Strollers?  Baby carriers?  Baby food?  Baby furniture? A brand that spans all?  I think so. Most of parenting marketing looks like those pictures they put in frames to sell them. There’s more to the experience of being a parent than that fake world. Why not tap/celebrate/have fun with it?

“Go the f@ck to sleep” is one great book.  Buy it here.


"A book that reveals the dark side of being a parent. “Go the f@*k to sleep”" by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Sunday, June 12th, 2011