Is living backwards really that bad of an idea?

I’ll have to start this with an apology.  I don’t remember from where I learned of this “story to live by.”

This Woody Allen quote reminded me of a more serious and related living philosophy that is interesting:  Retire first.  Work later.

More than a couple of times I’ve heard people questions why we work when are body is ripe to play and why we play when are bodies are to a point where playing hurts.  Why don’t we design our lives to fit our lifestage?

In other words, why don’t we retire first and work later?

The idea isn’t as foreign as it seems.  In terms of spending, Americans have long felt comfortable with getting into big debt and “working their way out of it.”  Americans spend money before they earn it.  Why not spend time and then earn it?

I certainly haven’t worked out all the details on this but I’m sure there are marketers out there who could outfit this new story to live by with products, services or experiences that work.  Right?

"Is living backwards really that bad of an idea?" by dcadmin
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011