John Stewart describes why corporations don’t need Americans anymore.

Yet another fantastic segment by John Stewart that explains why corporations don’t need American workers anymore.

It is both funny and not at all funny at the same time.

The “story to live by” is popping up more and more. This is what business leaders are telling President Obama. This is what is being discussed in business schools. This is how many of our best business minds design a successful career.

Let’s look at this story from the inside. Imagine you are a top-notch business talent.

You go to business school and meet top-notch people from all around the world who tell you about their homes and backgrounds. China and India starts to feel less exotic.

You get a job at a top global firm (because if your firm isn’t global, it isn’t top) and you rise through the ranks by learning how to best use resources, grow the business and minimize expenditure. Your mix of creativity and fiscal responsibility is giving your career momentum.

You boss puts you on the fast track which means moving from the States to Eastern Europe for a year or so. From there, you are off to Hong Kong or Mumbai or San Paolo so that you can see the business from a global perspective. You experience different people, foods, cultures and business practices.

You see people working for your company who do a great job for less than what Americans get paid. At home in Asia, you can afford a nanny for your kids because she earns in a week what an American nanny gets in a morning. Your kids love their new nanny and flourish as people.

Your home becomes filled with artifacts and photos from your world travels and life experiences. You facebook friend list includes friends from 16 countries. You know another language and can fake a third. You favorite food is now something your high school friends have never heard of.

You love your Country but it isn’t your whole world. You don’t feel as geographically tethered as you once did. You have firsthand knowledge that helps you compare the US and other countries. You feel closer to your friends in the business community than your hometown friends.

And now it is time for you to make resource choices. America versus…

Since so many corporate leaders are living this story, I can see why America and American workers aren’t as good an option anymore.

"John Stewart describes why corporations don’t need Americans anymore." by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011