Not just a fame artist. How Lady Gaga has turned a meat dress into a costume of hope.

Although she has some very catchy hooks, I’m not a fan of her music (mostly for genre reasons) but I am a fan of her now that I have watched her segment on 60 Minutes.  Here’s why:
She knows how the modern media world works.  She’s always on because media always is.

She is a constant 24 hour per day publisher of a persona.  She changes her look constantly (even within one show like the MTV music awards, in which I think she had six).

She offers up many things.  She is a singer.  She is a performance artist.  She is a curator of fashion.  She creates memorable experiences and moments (in everyday life and as part of musical performances).  She has many irons in the fire that she can pick up to show us the glow.

She’s honest (or at least seems that way).  Since she’s constantly publishing, it would be too difficult to be inauthentic.  She shares because it builds closer relationships with fans.  I don’t get a sense she’ll get caught in some lie.  She talks a lot of her own insecurities, which shows she’s a real person too.  So despite the fame and pageantry, she’s relatable.

She’s a craft-person.  She has studied fame.  She has studied fashion and music.  She can back up her decisions.  I get the sense she knows the game she’s playing and knows the tools for the job as good as anyone since Madonna.

She’s uplifting.   This is the thing I didn’t know at all about her. She’s Oprah-like in her message of personal validation, individual strength and hope.  Again this reminds me of stage two Madonna (after getting on the map by shocking people, during the “Respect Yourself” era).  You want to be a BIG star?  This is one of the best ways to go.  Ask U2 (who essentially is a Christian band).  Gaga’s shock factor will keep parents away.  The message will keep parents from rejecting it.  Well played.

She’s a great story to live by.  Be qualified and authentic.  Be honest and transparent.  Be yourself.  Help others be their best self.  I can see why she is so popular.

I’m looking forward to see how she outfits this brand story next.

"Not just a fame artist. How Lady Gaga has turned a meat dress into a costume of hope." by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Monday, February 14th, 2011