Rules create creative freedom. Great point by Mario Pricken.

We’re maniacal about being clear and specific about defining a client’s challenge.  For a while, we were just going to focus our company just on helping identify and articulate problems and opportunities for clients.

Why?  Because we believe a wonderful creative question is more than have the answer.  Because we believe creative questions focus creative people in a way that inspires them and also keeps them productive and profitable as businesspeople.  Because a great creative question is both a platform for lateral, free thinking as well as focused thinking.  Because there are a lot of creative solution people but few creative opportunity identifiers.

I can’t agree with this more.  From the great book, “Creative Strategies: Idea Management for Marketing, Advertising, Media and Design.” by the great Mario Pricken.

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"Rules create creative freedom. Great point by Mario Pricken." by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Monday, June 6th, 2011