Ten dinner topics that will lead to an argument.

Askmen.com had this wonderful infographic about certain divisive dinner conversation topics.

The insights are a bit obvious but this is a fantastic strategic exercise when exploring user thinking and identifying insights.

Divisive dinner topics in my mind have two qualities. One, people feel passionately about these topics (otherwise why argue?). And two, people like to take a side of the argument. These topics are engaging by definition.

These kinds of topics should inspire any strategist to ask if his or her brand can “get in there” and be a part/reconcile it.

The obvious way to “get in there” is to take a side. A marketer can appear to be aligned with one group and therefore can increase the appeal of a brand to that group of people.

Another more complex and difficult way is to collapse the choices and reconcile the argument. In other words, turn the “either/or” conversation into an “and” conversation.

Referring back to the askmen.com infographic, there is an argument around gender and financial responsibility. The book “Love, Marriage & Money: Understanding and Achieving Financial Compatibility Before-And-After-You Say ‘I Do’” attempts to not make the conversation about “him” or “her,” but rather “us.”

Next time you are trying to increase the relevance of your brand think about the conversations related to it/its usage/its category/its competitors, etc. Anything divide people? Anything get people angry? What are the different sides?

In there you’ll find opportunity.


"Ten dinner topics that will lead to an argument." by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011