Tiger Moms. Parenting with tough love.

By now this is an old “story to live by” but nonetheless it has stuck with us as something both culturally interesting and something that we believe will continue to be a part of the cultural conversation.

We first read about Amy Chua’s new book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” in The New Yorker a while back.  It blew up following a WSJ article “Why Chinese Mothers are superior.” A worldwide media blitz including a cover story in TIME followed.

What we’re interesting in looking out for is the extent to which marketers will embrace this “way to live” and position products and services as tools to live that way.

Is there a violin teacher or music school targeting Tiger Moms right now?

Is there a private school that will differentiate itself by expressing Tiger Mom values?

Will a graduate school re-org to educated and direct its students this way?

We’ll keep tracking this.


"Tiger Moms. Parenting with tough love." by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011