What drives urgency

I do a lot of work on automotive and with auto dealers. They are always pushing for “more urgency” (yeah, I know). So I looked into it and found some interesting stuff.

  • You need to confirm that you are the choice BEFORE you can have urgency.  Duh.
  • Urgency is emotionally driven and rationally justified.
  • People can smell manipulation. Urgency should always be genuine and truthful. People will never trust you again after a false sense of urgency. We all know the tale of “The boy who cried wolf.”
  • Never pressure people to PUSH them into purchasing. Instead, use pressure to PREVENT them from procrastinating. Ultimately we’re framing: What’s the cost of procrastinating?

Conditions that snap people out of procrastination:

Spectacular offering — Is the deal newsworthy because it is outside the lines of current thinking?

Scarcity — Will what I’m looking for run out? Is there a limited number of deals out there?

The current state is a great hazard — How many people NEED it right now because the pain of not having one right now is too much? Is their current state in high-risk right now? Is their current state painful right now?

A credible sense of “mob activity” — Are people like them acting in mass right now? Is there a social sense that they are being left behind?

Authority of the message/news source — Do people believe the source so much so that there is no need to look into the facts? e.g. Dr. says go to the hospial right now.

Dramatic “free” abundance — Are there times when people feel like they have a permission to spend above and beyond what’s normal for them? e.g. Tax return time, Bonus time, Holiday giving, Self-reward, Alleviating pain via materialism.

Any others?

"What drives urgency" by Scott
Posted in The Stories We Live By on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014