DOSAGE has worked with us on a number of projects, and we keep coming back for more! We value Scott’s brain — he often asks questions that no one else has asked, which is critical not only to identifying the real challenge but also to finding a fresh and effective way to address that challenge.
— Sheri Roder, Head of The Why Group, Horizon Media
DOSAGE is armed with good humor and wit, true subject matter expertise, and great examples to make the theoretical concrete. Our sessions with Scott consistently get high marks. Participants not only feel very energized and better equipped, they delight in the fact the session, while intensive, was fun.
— Marcie Anthone Director of Capabilities Development, The Coca-Cola Company
A session that DOSAGE leads is not just more interesting planning theory, but brilliantly organized commonsense that is able to be put to work immediately at all levels of client engagement.
— Tony Wright, Chairman, Lowe and Partners
Engaging DOSAGE to help inject innovation and strategic creativity into our business was extremely rewarding. Not only did our key employees feel that they were more empowered by the new skills, it immediately lead to tangible new business success in multiple markets across Asia.
— Mathew Godfrey, CEO Asia, Y&R
I have had the pleasure of working with DOSAGE for the past fifteen years. Scott brings huge energy and smarts to each and every project. His tools really help people not just understand and embrace the opportunity but act on it. Which for me is fundamental to a successful outcome.
— Rosemarie Ryan, Co-CEO, CO:
DOSAGE uses a unique and highly effective approach to ideation to uncover hidden gems of insight. DOSAGE was amazingly adept at getting teams to think about the brand in new and different ways and to ask themselves important questions. DOSAGE helped unlock the creative thinking power of the team and helped them to collaboratively build upon ideas and then roll the ideas up to critical themes.
— Deb Hitchcock, Director, Brand Management Aetna
Scott is an excellent strategic planner and can work with the toughest of clients and on the most complicated brand situations. I highly recommend DOSAGE!
— Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development, Google
Scott did a terrific presentation to my master’s in Communications Practice class at Columbia. The case he presented was chock full of insights, presented in a riveting way. We were all most impressed, and I know he inspired more than one of my students to consider a career in brand strategy. He’s clearly highly creative and an insightful strategist.
— Louise Whittet, Columbia University
Scott’s and my paths have crossed many times. Clients have shown me work he’s done, I’ve watched him speak at conferences, and we’ve swapped many stories. I’ve watched him become a much-admired practitioner in our field, but he’s never lost that pure thrill at finding the right solution that emanated from him when he was just starting out. If you’re looking for someone with all the right chops, who still approaches problems with the enthusiasm of an eternal student, look no further.
— Robin Hafitz, Founder, Open Mind Strategy
Scott is an exceptionally talented strategist, facilitator, leader, thinker, researcher, storyteller and creative problem solver. But possibly his most impressive trait is his genuine enthusiasm and personal commitment to deliver upon project objectives. It’s clear that he loves what he does.
— Michael Angelovich, Group Strategic Planning Director, mcgarrybowen